Dive in Guanaja

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a Hotel Guanaja


Diving with Hotel Guanaja Dive Center

Hotel Guanaja operates a 34' dive/snorkel dive boat and a 25' dive/fishing vessel. We also have in our fleet two zodiacs, two 27' Pangas and 2 skiffs flats fishing skiffs. This wide range of transport ensures that we can transport divers to any of the 45+ Guanaja dive sites. Most of the western end of the island has not been explored or moored.

Our interactive Guanaja Dive Site Map gives a layout of the island's dive sites.
The Hotel Guanaja Dive Center offers a full spectrum of dive instruction. As a PSAI Development Center, we are able to arrange advanced instruction beyond what is available in the Bay Islands. With planning and notice, Rescue, Dive Master and Instructor courses can be offered Barrier Reef Dive Center is able to cater to the global, multilingual diver.

Barrier Reef Dive Center offers